VW Bug BBQ Grill. Id rather make one with the whole car but i LOVE the idea!

Cool BBQ grill


Garage sink!



DIY Beverage and Paper Goods Station ~ so easy to make and could be used for any event from a BBQ to a Holiday Get Together. And the paper goods can be switched by color so easily for any event... Awesome!

V8 BBQ grill

BBQ Spices Gift Set - 8 different dry rub barbecue spices with organic spice blends and suggested recipes. A delicious Valentine's Day gift for guys and the grill master in your life. Valentine's Day Special - Each BBQ spice kit comes with a gift set of 20 small BBQ bamboo skewers! By Dell Cove Spice Co.


Vintage Gas Pump Nozzle Hanging Lamp. $200.00, via Etsy.

Brick BBQ Grill

.This would be so awesome!

So want to create a bench like this inside the garage, my dad should totally do this!!



“BBQ Onion Bombs”, which are basically meaty oniony balls wrapped in bacon and glazed with BBQ sauce

Car bbq

Replica of VW camper. But it's a tent!