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Hand Painted terra cotta pot by scillyface, via Flickr

DIY color block planter pot - this is a pretty color/texture combo - high gloss shellacked paint next to the matte & the twine is a nice touch!

Paint terra cotta pots to add a fresh summer "feel" to soothe away your winter blues.

terracotta pot - paint white - stuff with snowy winter batting and Christmas lights - spray on diluted glue (in spots or all over) - sprinkle on silver glitter - wrap the ...

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Painted Planter Pots • Lots of great Ideas & Tutorials! • Including this project from a beautiful mess.

#springintothedream Front Porch Inspiration: Painted Terracotta Pots. Blue and green painted planters with plants thriving ... I should have labeled this "in my dreams" ...

Cupcake Treat Pot A terra cotta "cupcake", iced with Snow-Tex and colored with Patio Paints, houses treats for a birthday party.

Just a note on the need to be bilingual in this successful clean-up. I went to my office the end of the week and some hispanic females were unloading all their clean-up into my dumpster. I ask a small child what they were doing and the child said they were told to take it to a big blue thing.. I just smiled and said to finish but explained to a child where the dumpsters really were and if they had more go to where the puppies are. She knew where that was. :)

8 Terracotta Flower Pot Painted with Monogram - DIY

If you gifted bulbs last year, add the perfect container this time around. Floral prints on the bottom only add to the natural beauty up top. Get the tutorial at Shelterness » -