Japanese sweets, Chimaki 粽 - sweet beans paste wrapped in bamboo leaf

Japanese sweets

✈ Japanese food sweets

Japanese sweets

Japanese Sweets, 八つ橋 "Yatsu-hashi." Famous Kyoto souvenir.

Spring edible flower pot

Japanese sweets

Japanese Sweet Crunchy Fans

Recipes of Japanese Cooking - I bought new his book and used it in Japan when I lived there for 4 years. It has great recipes but sometimes the translations are a little funny. However, it has excellent tips, variations, and most importantly authentic flavor. I highly recommend it!

Japanese food, Kushi-yaki

Japanese sweets

Japanese sweets titled "chick" #sweet #chick #cute

Japanese Sweets, hanazonodango

Japanese sweets

Wagashi are traditional Japanese confections that evolved into an art form in the ancient Japanese Imperial capital, Kyoto.

Salmon Tartare Cornets #fingerfood #shopfesta

Japanese sweets - Manju


An interesting little number, blooming teas (more commonly known as flowering teas) are tea leaves bundled into a sphere around a flower. When submerged into the boiled water, these spheres open up, allowing the flower to bloom, and flavouring the tea.

Japanese sweet red-bean soup with rice cake -Oshiruko-