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    Looks so soft and flowy... we need to get one of these if that goldfish ever dies!

    Are blanket afghans named after this breed?

    Snuggle Pugs!

    Inseparable soul mates... on the show or at home, Feather was never far from dad's side... unless he was snuggling with ME!

    Are you my mother? Look at this... the scariest of breeds... so protective of the new little baby in the house!

    You don't pick THEM... They pick YOU!"

    Pick me! Pick me! Please oh please pick me!

    My soft and furry little niece...

    Remind me why I can't cuddle with this guy?

    Red and yellow, black and white... they are precious in his sight!

    Are you my mother?

    Oh my gosh... it IS a marshmallow!

    Soft and squishy... love it!

    Oh... imagine how big this guy will become... yet how loving he will remain!

    This is the one my husband wants... it's like a calico dog! I might be talked into it...

    Nothing like a good soak in the tub eh? Calgon take me away...

    Ohhh.... such a doll....

    Tibetan Mastiff... the closest to a Lion as I will ever get...

    Love me some CALICO... and each one I've owned has this disposition... proud and independent...

    Maybe they are not the most attractive... nor the most cuddly... but this still melts my heart...

    Oh.... now Jocey will want an elephant!

    Maybe not so furry... but definitely a FRIEND!

    What a fun idea - we need to make some of these Jocey!

    Oh my gosh... is this for real? I didn't realize they were so tiny!

    Oh Jocey - Look at this little guy!