Game for teaching time

Telling time game

Four levels of this fun game work on time to the half-hour, time to the quarter hours, to the minute and elapsed time. Perfect for differentiation! Other game links here are just as good!

"Time Flies!" analog & digital telling time game. FREE

Representing numbers...could do in journals during calendar time.

Time Flies telling time to the minute game

Pass out paper lunch bags and have kids find a 3D solid to put inside. Also, have students write three clues that describe their 3D shape on the outside of their bag. Then, they bring it back to class and the other kids guess their shape

Bloom's taxonomy: games your students can play

Don't teach time until you read this!

18 pg time freebie

a fun and engaging way to teach time telling!

fractions of time

Teaching time

Great idea for teaching time! Have each child make one of these. Give each child a sheet with everyone's name on it. They walk around and ask their peers, "What time is it?". Without "telling", they simply show their watch. Times are recorded on the record sheet. When each child has "asked" everyone, meet back and check.

"What's the Time?" video. Fun way to introduce or review telling time.

What a fun way for your students to learn how to tell time. I take my students' pix in the shape of numbers and letters to make class books, and also in the shape of 100 for 100 Day, but I never thought of this! Too cool.

Telling Time Websites

hands-on investigation for learning how to understand time!

Fun time telling interactive game

Free Make Your Own Clock Pattern and other printables for time and measurement

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