rodchenko poster


Russian constructivist poster 1928

May 1. Vintage Russian poster

Stenberg Brothers, Engineer Strong's Project, 1929

political propaganda posters = always the best graphic design.

Patrick Moore

3-D type. #typography #poster

Korean typography /

A motion picture poster from the Soviet Union for the film "Little Lord Fauntleroy", which was called "Two Pretenders" in Russian. Starring Mary Pickford. 1926.

propagandism synergy 05 poster by propagandism

Logan Alexander

Russian Vintage Poster Designs by Vladimir and Georgii Stenberg

Alexander Rodchenko - Books #Art #Constructivism #modern

Empire Design's poster for The Double


Russian Constructivism- Gustav Klutsis - Workers, Everyone must vote in the Election of Soviets! - 1930

MoMA Forum | Jessica Svendsen


Poster by the Stenberg Brothers for Douglas Fairbanks; Son of Zorro, 1929.

Alexander Rodchenko and Russian Constructivism |