rodchenko poster

Beautiful 1929 railroad poster

Russian constructivist poster 1928

Patrick Moore

political propaganda posters = always the best graphic design.

Stenberg Brothers, Engineer Strong's Project, 1929

May 1. Vintage Russian poster

RASMUS STGARD OHLSON, ACID POSTER: poster on the theme forbidden for the annual poster competition by the swedish screen printers association.


Logan Alexander

Russian Constructivism- Gustav Klutsis - Workers, Everyone must vote in the Election of Soviets! - 1930

Alexander Rodchenko and Russian Constructivism |

Aleksander Mikhailovich Rodchenko was a Russian artist, sculptor, photographer and graphic designer. He was one of the founders of constructivism and Russian design; he was married to the artist Varvara Stepanova.


Korean typography /

Tree • Graphic Design • Poster

Minimal movie posters - Brazil


Love this as a poster idea...


Movie poster for Dziga Vertov's experimental avant-garde film 'Man With A Movie Camera' (1929)