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Carlos Piper. Continental.

Carlos Piper - LP O Som Espetacular da Orquestra de Carlos Piper-Album C.


A library of factory sleeves.

six nonlectures | e.e. cummings

i six nonlectures by e e cummings Charles Eliot Norton Lectures Harvard University ‘an artist, a man, a failure’ (…) a feelingly illimitable individual;

womenofgraphicdesign: Barbara Stauffacher Solomon (USA, b....

Barbara Stauffacher Solomon (USA, b. San Francisco Museum of Art program guide, October 1969 [[MORE]]“Barbara Stauffacher Solomon trained first as a dancer in her native San Francisco, and then as a recently widowed mother of one, she traveled.

Decca Records - Bach Violin Concerto No.2, Erik Nitsche

Violin Concerto No. 2 Picture on VisualizeUs - Bookmark pictures and videos that inspire you.

Bulgarian Socialist era album cover designs

Bulgarian Socialist Era Album Covers

Continuing with album design theme, here is a great set of Bulgarian Socialist era album cover designs, curated by SOCMUS. SOCMUS is a virtual museum that presents different sections of the Bulgari.