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    #goatvet likes these instructions on How to Make a Hay Bag for your Horse or Pony - except I would replace the horse shoe with a goat motif

    How To Make A Haynet From Bailing Twine

    Hand-Knot a Hay Net for Your Horse Turn baling twine into a hay net in under 30 minutes.

    How To Make A Haynet From Bailing Twine

    #goatvet likes hay feeders that don't allow fecal contamination

    Making a hay net out of bailing twine.

    #goatvet likes this feeder but make sure the drum has no dangerous chemical residues

    #goatvet says these goats may be happy, but this is NOT the way to feed hay to goats - should be in a fence-line feeder. from Garden and Gun

    How to Make a Hay net using bailing twine. it's so great because i've so much twine. :)

    Tightwads Goat Hay Rack- #goatvet says this is OK but risks goats eating hay pulled out and on the ground

    Make a Haynet Step 5 Version 2.jpg

    #goatvet found this Hanging Hay Feeder (you can buy plan for few $ from Henry Milker site). Haven't used myself but would love to hear from anyone who has.

    An ideal hay feeders made from 2 half plastic barrels. No possibility of faecal contamination. #goatvet

    DIY EZ Load Slow Feeder / Haynet

    This would be a good idea for the paddocks so you can better keep their hay from getting eaten off the mud and also don't have to spend a ton of time on hay nets! Although, these should be a bit bigger.

    #goatvet likes this photo called - So Much To See


    There is something comforting about the soft clucks of chickens in my garden..So cute!!

    ....a hay barn

    Hay is for Horses