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How To Make A Haynet From Bailing Twine


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Making a hay net out of bailing twine.


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Hand-Knot a Hay Net for Your Horse Turn baling twine into a hay net in under 30 minutes.

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Tough-1 Hay Hoops Collapsible Wall Hay Feeder | ChickSaddlery.com

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6 stall horse barn

201 time and money saving tricks of the trade to make stable management easier and more successful. For more information, go to: http://www.countrybooksdirect.com/product.php/307/0/201-handy-hints

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How To Make A Haynet From Bailing Twine

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DIY Horse hair bracelet keepsake. How sweet!

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Best feeding practices for hay! proequinegrooms.com

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great for a shelter as well

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#goatvet likes the step by step illustrated instructions to make these contamination proof hay feeders by Clear Creek Farms

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wrap twine around a tennis ball and put underneath the pan – bring the two ends of twine through the top and tie onto the tree

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Make a Haynet ~ To make your own hay net you can use any suitable string (not natural fibers that the horse would eat, but plastic or nylon are good), but synthetic bailing twine is recommended because it's free! The measurements given here can be changed to make a bigger or smaller net, or one with bigger or smaller holes.

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Video Day Friday: For all DIY enthusiasts. How to Make a Haynet from recycled baling twine. Incredible idea!

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run-in-shed. I like the gates there in case the horse needs put up for any reason

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Hay. Straw. Hoodie pockets. Pants pockets. Phone. Phone cover. Work boots. Not work boots. Really, what's the difference? It still stays. FOREVER.

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10 Ways to Play With Your Horse~ More important than anything else you'll do together...

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You are not a problem.

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DIY safe tractor tire hay feeder

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Holy cow! I pay $20+ per bale in SoCal...Conserving hay. Products we offer that can help you save!

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Hey girl…no "HAY" girl! #Horses

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Love this idea. My two Oberhaslis waste a ton of hay with their current feeder. 6/20/13: Finally got it done. Now to see how well it does. 7/8/2013: Seems to be working well. There is still a bit of waste, after all they are goats, but no where near the amount I had before.

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