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  • Connie Fellows

    matthew McConaughy #celebs

  • Robin Leeth Alexander

    Matthew McConaughey, how to lose a guy in 10 days, the wedding planner...

  • Brenda Fortier

    Matthew McConaughey will be the ...ummm...Pool Boy?? lol

  • Natasha Mixon

    I love how all of the conservatives are raving about his Academy Awards speech. Watch the movie people it is about a gay cowboy with aids. #imbeciles

  • Sandy SKDCP

    Matthew McConaughy . .One of the first times I ever saw this man was on the Rosie O'Donnell show... He was explaining how to roast a turkey over a beer can... a simple thing, but he was so sexy just talking.. if he had a cooking show, all he'd have to do is that demonstration over and over and the show would be a hit. LOL

  • M.E. Bruce

    Not really one for celebrity worship, but something about Matthew McConaughey makes me smile.

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Matthew Mc. I sat right behind him at a LA Dodger's game a few years ago. My son wanted me to take pics of Roger clemins pitching on the Texas team, but I think I took more of Matthew! lol ... and he stand up stretches real slow and takes his shirt off. I about died. My son says to me, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR SEAT! LOL <- that is amazing! lol I love this man

Matthew McConaughey.. Yes he's old enough to be my father (just) and Yes i do not care lol

#2 Hottest Celebrity Father - Matthew McConaughey - Minneapolis Entertainment |

My all time FAVORITE... You don't get any sexier than Matthew McConaughey... *sigh*

let's not forget our sexy cowboy matthew mcconaughey!

Matthew McCon-a-hottie - One of the few blondes to make the cut.

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