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  • tiffany collar

    Tamagotchi pet - Middle School

  • Juliana

    old school pet

  • Ellen Bass

    Childhood Memories

  • Crystal Michelle

    The ’90s toy you miss the most? Tamagotchis took 42% of the vote. | The 12 Best Things About The '90s, According To '90s Kids

  • Bethany Twartz

    In the 1990’s virtual pets got their start and Tamagotchi was the big player in this business. Using the Tamagotchi, children hatched a virtual egg and took care of it so it could ‘grow up’ healthy and strong.

  • Emily .

    I wasn't a 90s kid but I do remember this

  • Ashlee Garcia-Soto

    Funny pics - Tamagotchi pet - 90s kid.

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