• ~*Kami Schnuckums*~

    Hating on Twi-tards is fun. "Team: Whoever-Almost-Hit-Bella-With-A-Car" These are real vampires not short haired hollister wearing guys these are the original vampires. Interview With the Vampire good movie

  • Cheryl Notier

    I haven't seen nor will I ever see, the Twilight movies, but this is funny.

  • Karen Ruedisueli

    I loved this book by Anne Rice and thought the movie was awesome.

  • Amy Rothmeyer

    Louis and Lestat aren't exactly macho men themselves and even they think Edward Cullen is bullcrap. The original vampires

  • Karin Weizel

    Interview with a Vampire with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst, and Christian Slater... Classic #movies #vampires

  • Shelise Ott

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! old school vampires

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