My little black Pomeranian, India, is the answer to some 30-mumble years of wishes, hopes, and dreams. I've always been violently allergic to anything with fur or feathers, yet I've wanted a puppy since I was about four. At Christmas all my friends were making wish-lists on behalf of their puppies, so I made one for "my puppy," a Snoopy dog that I'd dragged around by the ears for years. I asked for dog biscuits for Snoopy, and my understanding parents gave them to me, and I ate a dog biscuit...

Black snowy Pomeranian


Cute Black Pomeranian Puppies 5

Or should I get a pomerian, they are soooo cute

Black Teacup Pomeranian

pomeranian Art & Moa


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Adorable Pekingese puppy. Can we all say aww???


Pomsky puppy. I NEED THIS DOG! :)


Blue Merle Pomeranian love this coloring so nice Dogs Puppy Hound Pups Dog Puppies

Omg what is this!?! Adorable teacup Pomeranian?! black, cuteness, fluffball, fluffy, furry, fuzzy, pom, Teacup Puppies, teddy bear, tiny

Blue Merle Pomeranian Puppy Dogs Pom Pom



18k Gold-Plated Pomeranian Dog Cuff

Love black pomeranians :)