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Jesse Lee D - 2011 Tattoo Energy Calendar Cover ImageCheck out some unreleased images of Jesse in my book: Tattoo Super Models / Goliath Books You can purchase a copy HEREPhoto: © Christian Saint - All Rights ReservedFACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM / TWITTER

Pink and black eyeshadow

Omg an I the only one who sees his changes?!

O.M.G can you imagine this. How deep dark but sweat love.

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Hahaha aww <3 Are We Punk Rock Yet? <3 Ashton & Ponies & Giggles = NAH! <3 <3 5 Seconds Of Summer 5SOS

Like do you want to get hurt on purpose... because I would obviously chose Shawn ❤❤

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That a to r is gorgeous. Type by @nas.shannon - #typegang - free fonts at | #typegang #typography

OMG zayn your literary the definition of perfection! Love the yin yang tattoo❤

Bottle that shit right up