star jasmine trellis

With these grow buckets you can grow tomatoes, peppers and any number of plants with very minimal effort.

Mosquito repelling “Creeping Thyme” plant. It has citronella oil that makes it smell lemony.

Rooting hydrangea cuttings

DIY Herb Tower: Situate this compact herb garden in a sunny spot near the kitchen door for easy snipping.

hyacinth bean vine...grows so fast and is so showy/FRAGRANT-Will help to lure Butterflies and Hummingbirds to your habitat. Plant with Moonflower Vine which is also fragrant! May grow up to 20 Ft. high. Perfect planted by a birdbath on a trellis.

Vintage headboards used as trellises in the garden.

Top Fragrant Houseplants

Cucumber Trellis - Large | Powder Coated Steel | Gardener's Supply | $34.95 in red or green | 48" square

Flowering Jasmine. Good for covering fences, walls etc. the golden one is lovely and not as vigorous.


High trellis for privacy


Hanging Trellis Herb Garden- The idea of an herb garden is a good one, especially for those looking for low maintenance gardens. That said, the idea of a bunch of little pots all over your deck, stoop, or balcony aren't always appealing. Instead of keeping it under foot, check out this wall mounted version instead.

Great plant arrangements for potting.

Mandevilla on obelisk trellis

Black-eyed Susan vine can go from seed to covering an entire trellis in just one season

"Trachelospermum jasminoides in full flower. One of my favourite evergreen and scented climbers which obligingly only protrudes about 30cm from its support."

Double-Panel Trellis Keeps Cucumbers Straight and Blemish-Free

Old tub for a hanging basket...