A wedding present for Princess May of Teck (the future Queen Mary) from the ‘Girls of Great Britain and Ireland’, bought with money raised by a committee chaired by Lady Eve Greville in 1893. It could also be worn as a necklace.

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The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara. Given to Queen Mary for her wedding from a committee of girls, it is favored by Queen Elizabeth who calls it "Granny's tiara."

An Art Nouveau gold, pearl, diamond and enamel tiara, by René Lalique, Paris, circa 1903.

The tiara of Marie~Therese as it sits in the Louvre today Photo via~The Louvre

Close up of the Essex tiara, made for the Countess of Essex in 1902. The Essex tiara is now owned by Cartier. It was loaned to (Crown) Princess Margarita of Romania for her wedding in 1996.

A German noble family in Westphalia owned this stunning emerald and diamond tiara, c. 1910. It was worn at an official dinner given by Kaiser Wilhelm II by an ancestor of the present owner (who recently sold it).

Tiara with diamonds, pearls and precious gemstones, designed by Rui Paes and Graham Rust and made by Andrea Paes.

Crowns and Tiaras: Cartier

Diamond tiara circa 1900. Sotheby's

Kochli (also spelled Koechli, Koechly, etc.) was one of the court jewelers to the imperial court in Russia, and was the jeweler called upon by Alexander III and his wife Marie Feodorovna in 1894 for a new sapphire and diamond parure. This design was selected and the set was given to Princess Alix of Hesse (1872-1918), who married their son Nicholas II the same year. She adopted the name Alexandra Feodorovna.

Bavarian | Queen Therese's Tiara | c.1830 | Rubies, spinels, diamonds, and gold. This must have been extremely heavy to wear for any length of time.

1900 Royal emerald-diamond tiara a gift from First Prince von Donnersmarck, to his second wife Princess Katharina.

A moon + star diamond tiara, circa 1900 - - who doesn't need a tiara for princess days?

Queen Mary's "Girls of Great Britain and Ireland" Tiara

All of Queen Silvia's Tiaras. The Swedish royal family has such an interesting collection.

The aquamarine and diamond tiara of Queen Elizabeth II.

One of those things I couldn't wear anywhere...doesn't mean I don't want one! "Faberge Diamond Tiara"

1893 - Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara made for the Future Queen Mary

An exquisite Chaumet tiara from circa 1910, set with 4 Carats of old cut diamonds and featuring the period typical millegrain setting

Queen Mary's Diamond loop