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so true! i call my mom in law or mom when it comes to laundry stains!

funny laundry tag "Or give it to your mother. She knows how to do it.

Silly Saturday: Double Negative Confession

I've done this a time or two. Also if I should iron something, I put it in the dryer for a bit.

Omg, this made me think about men and women so much differently now.

Funny pictures about Why Men And Women Think Differently. Oh, and cool pics about Why Men And Women Think Differently. Also, Why Men And Women Think Differently photos.

Hahaha! I HATE when girls post pictures of themselves on Facebook. Get over yourselves.

Funny pictures about Dumb poses that all girls do. Oh, and cool pics about Dumb poses that all girls do. Also, Dumb poses that all girls do.

My Ashley does this...lol

this is my life.Gosh,all Moms are amazing. They have to put up with their crazy kids. My Mom must be like SuperMom if she can put up with someone like me.

You Are Not Angelina!

ahh, the famous duck face. its called the duck face for a reason. you look like a duck! and thats not a good thing.

neither was I

Mom you asked a question if I don't answer it you yell at me when I do lavender it you yell stop talking back there is no way to win here

The Funny Beaver Albert Einstein Was Right - July 28, 2014

Albert Einstein's fear: 'I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.

This is another example of language differences between men and women. As we learned in class, women use more words and have a lot more spoken as well as unspoken communication, whereas men are more concrete and succinct and straight to the point.