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from The Educated Shutter

5 Wonderful Tutorials for Lightroom Beginners

New to Lightroom? Need a little help getting the hang of it? Don't worry! I didn't know how to use Lightroom at one point too! Here are 5 Lightroom Tutorials that really helped my photography and my workflow. Check them out! | The Educated Shutter

from Clickin Moms

How to export your photos from Lightroom

If I am exporting my files as high resolution for print, I change a few things. I rename to High res instead of gallery, I leave the resize to fit box UNCHECKED so my file will stay at the original size and I change the resolution to 300 instead of 72. I do not export sharpen for print. Some people do and if you choose you can select sharpen for matte or glossy paper. I then hit EXPORT and this will make me another file named High res with my files ready to burn to a disc or upload to ROES.

from Clickin Moms

How to use the clarity slider in Lightroom

At the beginning of my journey as a photographer, I watched a lot of tutorials and read plenty of articles saying DO NOT TOUCH THE CLARITY SLIDER.

from The Fox & She

How to Edit Your Photos Like a Pro in Lightroom