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Kids with Asperger's and other autism spectrum disorders often try to make their world more predictable and coherent by being rigid. These cards are designed to increase their awareness of flexibility and its role in social interaction. Download them and cut them out.

Executive Function Chart


Teaching your child to recognise and regulate their emotions is never easy. It is especially difficult if you have a child on the autism spectrum. Your child can go from seemingly happy and content to full on meltdown with in seconds. Emotion thermometers are designed to help you and your …

Parts of the Brain Affected by Autism (graphic)

Not only helpful for grieving, and certainly not only applicable to students. Very helpful!

Big Problem, Little Problem Poster

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Executive functions let people plan, organize and complete tasks. Here's a closer look at this important set of skills—and how executive functioning issues can affect your child's everyday life.

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Teaching Strategies mini-poster "Objectives for Development & Learning" Standard 3 Knowledge of Standards and Assessments. (3.4 Assess,compare, and contrast the effects fo various teaching strategies on individual student performance relative to content standards)

Autism in the Classroom

Chances are, someone close to you has been diagnosed with autism. 1 in 88 children are affected. It is our goal to live in a world where everyone understands autism, and embraces the autistic community with open arms. Help us reach this goal and spread the word about our campaign with Autism Speaks! #Sevenly

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