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    Cayo Costa Island ..Clyde Butcher Photograph

    "Cayo Costa Island 3" by Clyde Butcher. He is totally amazing.

    Clyde Butcher , Black and White Photographer. He Loves The Everglades and SW Fla. .

    Tamiami Trail 1 - Clyde Butcher

    Clyde Butcher - Black and White Fine Art Photographer

    Pitcher Plants in the National Forest, By Clyde Butcher.

    Henri Cartier-Bresson

    Clyde Butcher

    Rock Island Prairie 2, By Clyde Butcher.

    Clyde Butcher - Hangs in my library.

    Everglades photo by @Clyde Butcher"

    Clyde Butcher: Wilderness Visions

    Matlacha Pass Clyde Butcher - Black and White Fine Art Photographer

    Afghan Girl in 1985 and the Afghan Women in 2011, Sharbat Gula who was the subject of a famous photograph by journalist Steve McCurry.


    Clyde Butcher Calla Lily

    Clyde Butcher, History, 1942-Present, Landscapes, Title: Moonrise by Clyde Butcher

    This close up of the possible lead shows the natural spiral pattern well through its use of macro photography. I plan to use this technique with my images to capture the natural form of nature.

    Alfred Eisenstaedt - Tourists at the Louvre, 1950).

    In Greek mythology, Bolbe (Greek: Βόλβη) was an extremely beautiful Lake Goddess or Nymph who dwelled in a Thessalian lake of the same name (modern Lake Volvi). She was the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys. Like other lake Gods and Goddesses, Bolbe's offspring were Limnades who are Nymphs living in fresh water lakes. According to Athenaeus, Bolbe was the mother of Olynthus by Heracles.

    A break in the water surface. #textures #surfaces