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    Onwards and upwards...“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.” #inspiration #officetrends #quote

    The Grace of God - A co-worker used to say this to me. It was her favorite quote. Good memory and great quote. Janelle: God is gracious

    so true!

    How very, very true


    So me.

    God is looking out for you ♥ +

    so true

    Everything happens for a reason

    #god #quote

    Let Go, Let God.

    We tend to be the hardest on ourselves & push for 26 hrs out of a 24 hr day. When all that matters is that we cherish our walk with God, love our families while they are here to know it, and the rest really doesn't matter in the great scheme of life.

    good advice

    ....and Spiritually Speaking: Blessings


    For I Know The Plans I Have For You Sign #Scripted-simplicity