$ Get FSL students writing/speaking abt themselves & assess their general level of French & get to know them as individuals. Students create a personal coat of arms based on (dis)likes This includes opportunities for them to write about their friends, music, favourite foods and hobbies. Students will present their coat of arms to the class, giving the teacher a chance to assess their oral competency as well. Teaching Notes, timing, oral practice and a sample rubric are all included & edita...

Great resource for teaching the FUTUR SIMPLE. Written practice exercises and a small group oral activity included.

Create one of these to do together with the class during circle time review each day!

One-page French dialogues. Great for oral or reading practice.

FREEBIE - This FREEBIE includes 24 Earth Day related images and 1 Bingo card TEMPLATE to be used by students to CREATE THEIR OWN Bingo card (create their own luck). After teaching about Earth Day, this can be used as a fun way to wrap up the lesson.

$ challenging oral chain activity for up to 20 students about Lunar (Chinese) New Year vocabulary themed activity. Provides students with excellent exposure to circumlocution and practice with oral interaction, as the clues are described in French and not simply translated.

If your class is learning French food vocabulary, there is no better way to teach culture than to have students research French restaurants and create their own menu. Instructions and rubric included.See directions below. Create a French menu for your own restaurant.

A free math project for grades 3-5 from More Than a Worksheet! Students must plan a car parade that has exactly 500 wheels. Much harder than it seems! Rubric and creative extensions included.

An "All about me" type of class activity. Great for the students to get to know each other as well as their new teacher. Works as a back to school activity that can remain on display through the end of the year. Kids can start working on theirs while parents chat w/teacher at Open House. $

FREE - Winter activities bingo game for French. Includes 2 leveled versions & word wall cards by Madame Aiello

$ Play this fun speaking game in your beginner and intermediate level French classes to practice adjectives for describing people!

Novel Study for grades 6-10 French classes (late entry immersion/extended or Early French Immersion) Au pas camarade (Eric Walters - French version of "Branded") Includes teaching & practicing writing Figures de style (Literary devices)

FREEBIE! This is a great little activity for the first few weeks of school! Copy, cut, and staple to a brown bag for your students to take home. Students fill the bag with five items that help to describe who they are (sample ideas included). Additional page included for students to write about each item and why it's special to them. Easy and fun getting to know you activity!

$ Personal dictionary in French! Includes over 200 French sight words and space for students to add their own vocabulary.

Have your students turn their reading of any short story or a novel into a movie! Included in this resource are 8 different assignments that can be used individually, or as a major final project. (Middle / High School)

Use these templates to make a class book called Our Classroom Rules and Procedures Handbook. Detailed instructions are included in the download....

This Animal Diorama and Research Report is such a fun and engaging project for your students! They will learn about an animal by creating a diorama of the animal's natural habitat. Students will research, complete an Animal Research Report poster, write a page about their animal, and present their project to the class.

Student Goal Setting and Data Portfolios for 1st - 6th grades. Includes posters, data tracking pages, goal setting forms, section covers, reflection pages, and home/school connection. Also available in bundles for individuals and school sites. Also available separately are just the posters or just the reflection pages.

French Find someone who... BUNDLE for beginners is a great way to get your students speaking early and often. Students will love the movement and fun of this activity and you will love to hear your students speaking! You save 30% by buying them all!Printable vocabulary sheets for each activity included!Vocabulary used:* hobbies (common -er verbs)* clothing preferences* school supplies* food* family* holidays* adjectivesDirections:The students move around the room asking classmates questions....

Practice grammar and vocabulary concepts while encouraging spoken production (CEFR) and whole-class participation with French Speaking Bingo.

$ verbal activity for the French past tense. Three sets of ?s included: past tense with avoir, irregular past participles that use avoir, past tense with etre. Word document so you can edit as desired or mix the questions into one more challenging version. It includes 12 questions related to the life of middle school students. May need to preteach some vocabulary. Effective, low-risk way to get even my reluctant students speaking in the past