How adorable is this office? I love that it brings so much fun to a closet!

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A closet transformed into a book nook!

closet office - Love this space

Mom has been doing this for ages. Great for winter hats, gloves, scarves too. Sewing Closet Organizer - When she is done she just closes that closet door!! But I love the clear hanging organizers on the inside of the doors. The chair could be better though. Lighting seems good.


Craft closet makeover

Lots of ideas for organizing your craft supplies in a chic and functional way!

Arts and Crafts Closet

How easy is it to shove things in drawers, closets and bins to get things out of the way this instant, thinking you will get back to them when it’s more convenient? Out of sight, out of mind. All that does is prolong the inevitable and literally, turn molehills into mountains, right before your eyes! It’s time to start new habits and stop the piles before they start! How? Read on as eBay shares six ways to organize and get ahead of the mess!

covered boxes for storage

Turn dead space above a staircase into a bigger/walk-in closet!!! or storage space! Perfect for small homes like mine!

desk in closet....

Pretty interesting room concept

14 Feminine Home Office Design Ideas... GREAT IDEAS! I love this one because the printer is in the cabinet, and not on top of the desk area. Another great idea for my girly Scentsy Family | |

unique small laundry room ideas

Great use of a skinny closet

bunks in the closet, leaves the rest of the room as a play area