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Thoughts by Massyfrom Thoughts by Massy

Writing Challenge Day 17: Highs and Lows so far this year…



Hahaha vs. Bahaha…

Hahaha vs Bahaha... I will now always picture a sheep when someone says, "Bahaha!" (That sheep is scary!!!

Lifehackerfrom Lifehacker

Talent Can Be Trained, but Some People Respond Better than Others

Training: Nature vs. Nurture Nature vs. nurture- is it the biological make up that makes someone the way they are or is it the environment and shaping that does?


Human babies vs. other babies…

Human babies vs. other babies...


Olympic gymnast vs. me…

The story of my life.. defeats voldemort bahaha that got me! @Leslie Lippi Muldoon @Nancy Macedone Dennis


Hair - Expectations vs. Reality

Hair - Expectations Vs Reality -