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Actor dog watching the Academy Awards.

Malaysian monkeys always prefer red wines at their weekend parties.

Ugly, but true. A feeble-minded spinoff group of misfit dogs known as the Ku Klux Kanines harass Black Labs at secretive howling rallies.

Bobo, the Hollywood-crazed dog, gets green light from owner to audition for new movie in the Twilight Saga.

California dogs often use their owners surfboards while they are at work.

Punky, the ambitious Pomeranian, bought some new track shoes and hopes to quality for the Olympics in 2016.

Textile scientists now using baby hedgehogs to test softness of new towel fabrics.

Chipmunks often read the nutrition information before eating snacks.

Lemur doing muscle pose when he thinks no one is looking.

When left alone in a big room, elephants often attempt trunk stands.

"Gee, I could've had a V8!"

Some birds migrate south on water buffalo. While the pace is slower, it isn't nearly as tiring.

Obama's plan to tax fat cats, not endorsed by veterinarians.

White bears are required to pass the stringent Navy Seals Treading-Icy-Water (NSTIW) test before they can become certified Polar Bears.

Birds often play a version of "musical chairs" on branches.

Pete and Evie pose for their third anniversary photo.

Scholarly Corgi pens second book on pet care.

Fritz, the secret-agent Pomeranian, infiltrates the elephant herd to I.D. the rogue bulls.

New Navy program – the Canine Seals – is America's Secret Weapon.

Chihuahua renounces Mexican citizenship and joins nomads in Morocco.

While dogs and cats often pretend to fight, when people aren't looking, they often take showers together.

The ugly truth: Yes, there are gang wars in Antarctica!

The reason you so seldom see mice, is because they spend most of their day at the park swinging.

Every dog has a secret treehouse.

Frog practicing on the "high bar" for the 2012 Frog Olympics.