• Lance Longman

    Much needed Pinterest feature

  • Jackie May

    Yo, Pinterest, give me a place to put a private pinning board. Sometimes a girl needs a place of her own. - At least one private board per user? C'MON! Where are we supposed to pin gift ideas when everyone and their mama has a Pinterest account?! Great idea!!!!

  • Wïllöw Wêl§h

    If I could have my wish it wouldn't be SOME of my boards it would be ALL of them - whenever I chose to do so overnight when the Greedies come in and ransack months of hard work (wish I had an angry face icon to add here!)


    We NEED an adult (grown up) content button. It will put it in a group that will not be seen by those who do not appreciate sensual artistry.

  • Erin F

    just like one secret board would be nice...i'd like some quality control on bad links on pins but that may be asking too much...

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