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There is no difference... which is why I don't eat meat.

This farmer had a tube down the pigs' throats on the way to the market to add pounds of sewage to their weight so that he would get more money from the market. Notice the hooks through their mouths to prevent them from moving. When you buy meat, this is what you are supporting. This is evil beyond fathom.

"Nearly half of all water used in the United States goes to raising animals for [human] food." Save water. Go vegan.


Why Pigs Should Be Friends, Not Food

Would you give up 5 MINUTES if it meant saving a life? #pigs #animals #vegan #govegan #eatinganimals #vegetarian #food #thinkaboutit #neverbesilent #animalrights #animalcruelty #takeaction

"I see no difference between eating a dog, pig or cow. If the idea of eating dogs or cats bothers you, then understand how the idea of eating pigs, which are just as smart and loving, bothers me. Then you will have understood the daily pain within the heart of a vegan, or at least, ...within the heart of me." ~Jace Kai

when you understand why we don't eat cats dogs, you'll realize why we shouldn't eat pigs, chickens, or any other animals or their "byproducts". #govegan


That's It. I'm Never, Ever Eating Bacon Again After Seeing This. Or... At Least For Today.

I can't tell if this cat is making friends with this pig or if he wants to eat him.

This is one of the primary reasons I don't want to eat meat. I just could not look into an animal's eyes and then snuff out its life just to gratify appetite.

Animals have done us no harm and they have no power of resistance. There is something so very dreadful in tormenting those who have never harmed us, who cannot defend themselves, who are utterly in our power. ~ Cardinal John Henry Newman.

eat meat and enjoy it if you want. But this is the fact of it that must be accepted. Vegans care just as much about people.

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Oh Mini Pig, I Think We All Feel The Same Way About Ice Cream

Mini Pig Eating Ice Cream Cone - I know it's not a puppy, but it's soo cute! (and I want ice cream)

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Community Post: 32 Pictures That Will Make You Say Awwwwwwww

32 Pictures that will make you say Awww <3

I don't know if I could be more angry with those who know this reality and continue to eat animals! This is not a page from a fictional horror, this is REAL LIFE...don't believe it? Do your research. If you eat meat, you should know exactly what your blood money is being spent on.