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  • Caitlin B.

    Happy Veteran's Day! Ways the returning military have surprised their families

  • Brooke Meister

    Father and son military homecoming

  • Holly Desrosiers Churchill

    I love to see military homecomings! So heart warming.

  • Lea Porter

    Every American Soldier should be welcomed Home like this. every time my son came home from Iraq or never got easier, the relief that he was here and safe was overwhelming

  • Loree Greta

    Such love- father son. Honor your hero:

  • P. Lennyy✨

    Father. Son. Love. Family.

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I'm crying. This is how our Marines honor each other with respect. How does the president honor them...cutting or stopping their pay. Think About It!!!

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Spending Time With Dad. The result of our wars. Awww, how heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.

This is so sad. It made me cry a little if you really think about it .. It's sad !!