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OMG it really is him

Well put

now that's a

So True

This was a VERY good movie. ;-) Dead Poets Society

I'm dying.

;) .

Literal encounters… Cute made me smile

seriously laughed out loud!!


Awesome and amazing. But the last pic made me wonder why does robin never wear pants

Water log Proposal this is great

Beautiful Things Don't Ask for Attention Art Print

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 49 Pics Funny Dog Video:

Check and check !!! ;)

This is hilarious

Just be kind, good people, folks!

His Mom Cried So Hard This Morning

Can't Be Really Sure Until I Do It A Few Times

14 Mind-Blowing Facts That Will Completely Change Your Perception Of Time

I really do;)

answer for everything ♥

Gotta love Karen