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  • Sarah Elledge

    Said this Saturday, my daughter went and told grandma mommy put herself in timeout, lol

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"See, you look at him, and he really attractive. But then he opens his mouth and you realize he just a overly attractive man-child!" Jennifer Milsaps L Milsaps L Young

Awwww. Meow :)

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not just sheets, but everything else. the problem is that I'm laundry guy in our house. so my family hates me about once a day

A Poor Mom's Guide to Country Living: Cooking fail

My mom literally LOL'd for like 5 minutes after seeing seriously....she's still laughinh

She told me she has been wishing for a unicorn forever - a real unicorn, not a stuffed one like the one she got from Santa last year. :o)

lol YEP That's the conversation I have with myself every time ~!~

  • Joni Godbout

    Too funny, and so true! I have a board called "Did I already pin this?" I'm over short term memory, that's my story...

  • Janet Marie

    LOL Joni my story too and stickin' to it ~!~

  • A Dog Nurse

    Good thing they now tell u "psssttt looks like you already pinned this"

You know this deep and abiding pain / 20 Signs You're Addicted To Makeup (via BuzzFeed)

All the time.

  • Leigh Grande

    I write down everything.

  • Denise Pempsell

    its getting to the point I have to write it down

  • Sara Mavis

    i decided i better 'like' this so i can remember it. but, when i went to click i realized i already had 'liked' it, apparently i forgot doing that :)

  • Pat Travis

    LOL - so true!

  • Bea Love

    Especially when it comes to all the precious things my children say, that I want to remember forever.

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Just one more chip...