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    Large stretchable book covers han on the back of student chairs and hold individual whiteboards, black socks for erasers and dry erase markers! Wow. From: The Frugal Teacher: My Classroom



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    OH I LOVE THIS! Definitely using this next school year.

    Easy DIY (no-sew) 99 cent seat pockets for #preschool and #kindergarten via

    Put student's names on the back of YOUR nametag so that you won't have to worry about finding the list during something like a firedrill. Smart.

    37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks These are mostly elementary school hacks, but I could use some for my high schoolers

    Dollar Tree find... facial cleansers as whiteboard erasers

    Wal-Mart ice bins for storage. Great for book tubs!

    Make a four-pocket folder by combining a folder with brads with a plain two-pocket folder.

    Make Your Own {No Sew} Chair Pockets! - The Organized Classroom Blog...I think I have a job for one of my parent volunteers so they can get their 10 hours in. I HATE books getting scrunced in their desks.

    Cheap whiteboards using laminated card stock and duct tape for edges! Too cute and really lightweight.

    Personalised book embosser = tres awesome!! Hello Christmas present.

    Book bins made with ice boxes from Walmart....

    Castle Lap Book from Little White Schoolhouse

    Pickles and Ketchups--On Fridays, place them on the board. Anyone who has turned in all of their assignments is a "pickle" so write their name under the pickle sign. Anyone who is missing an assignment has their name placed under the ketchup bottle. Pickles can "pick" a fun game or activity, while "ketchups" catch up on missing work. It is amazing how quickly assignments come in!

    15 Genius #Teacher Tips. Pick up glitter messes with a lint roller, organize books with paint sticks and so many more why didn't I think of that tricks. {Playdough to Plato} #education

    End of Year Treats

    Encouragement pockets.... Valentines Day: Fill our hearts: paste hearts on pockets! (could use school-wide)

    So doing this for my kids for the end of the year!!! Such a cute and easy idea!!

    The best!! Will be hanging this asap!

    Video/song of the book _Don't Laugh at Me_

    Extra papers from the day go in the folders... perfect for make-ups!!