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Flipping you off..

Flip off Wednesday.


Reedus ... always.

Norman Reedus

Just a gentle reminder that this is Norman Reedus, badass Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead. | 24 Reminders That Norman Reedus Has Always Been Ridiculously Sexy. #NormanReedus #Reedus #TeamReedus #ReedusArmy

:) Norman Reedus :)

Broken Heart. twd. Bethyl. Daryl Dixon. Beth Greene. The Walking Dead.

Oh. My. My heart just stopped. Norman Reedus: Daryl Dixon TWD The Walking Dead. Starbucks

Totally counts as a quote! 👅

Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus (@ennoia3 & http://pitiful-firefly.tumblr.com)

Norman Reedus flipping you off while wearing a skeleton suit. Your argument is invalid. Sweet 👌

Selfie flipping you off. .

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His signature trait (flip off)

Kirkman should just write Daryl into the comics somehow.