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The steel combi-steam allows the tastes, aromas, colours and textures of meals to be exquisitely preserved. Read more at our dedicated blog,

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Steel cookers feature chunky, solid metal controls and stainless steel detailing to all lend a truly professional feel. The overall quality is impressive and combined with a pleasingly refined industrial appearance which will keep you happy for many years to come.

Steel is a family-run business in Carpi near Bologna, Italy. The area is steeped in manufacturing and food culture, and this healthy combination, along with plenty of passion and skill, has led Steel to be an influential brand in the international market and an established player in the UK.

Chocolate cake and pastries work especially well in a steam oven as the extra moisture keeps them supple and moist. The inside of the cakes remain tender to the touch and tasty to the palate, whilst the outsides are cooked to golden perfection.