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  • Richard Bradbury

    A very clever design using the shapes that the mouth forms when speaking various letters which visually communicates the word future. This kind of concept could be applied well to the Live Windows biref as there is no sound just visuals.

  • Myesha Nilda

    Art Bouffant Hair Tutorial art

  • MindMeld

    Art inspired by phonetics #art #language #linguistics #languages #artsy #future #pronunciation #neat #cool

  • Goblin

    Lip Art.

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how to draw lips. Wow, if it takes this much time to do long will it take for me to do the rest of the picture?

Our words are more important than we think. The power of life and death are in the tongue. God gave us these mouths to speak lift up, to inspire, and to love. Not to tear down, cuss, and use carelessly. Be wise with your words, someday you will look back and realize how important they were... - Kirah

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Tutorial on Lips by ~Caleb-Brown on deviantART

This is a really good reference, but as an artist you have to be able to break away from tutorials and create your own style.

They look simple to draw but everything on faces takes alot of practice.