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Prosumer Report: Research from Euro RSCG Worldwide is showing a shift in both personal and consumer values, as people begin to rethink what is important and how they want to live. In their personal lives, people are fed up with our dumbed-down culture and surface-level interactions; they are craving a more meaningful and satisfying approach to living.

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How Brands And Personal Responsibility Are Trumping Politics

How Brands and Personal Responsibility Are Trumping Politics. Is being a good consumer more important than voting in people’s calculations of what makes them good citizens? If you’ve lost almost all faith in government, the answer is yes. Read more on

Our latest Prosumer Report, "Aging: Moving Beyond Youth Culture" download it at:

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Millennials Worry How Connectivity Will Impact Our Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

For all the technology we have, it doesn’t seem to be bringing us much happiness, at least according to a recent survey by Euro RSCG Worldwide, an integrated marketing communications agency. “This Digital Life” surveyed the opinions of 7,213 people in 19 markets and discovered that 55% of respondents believe technology is robbing us of our privacy, while more than half of millennials worry that a family member or friend will post inappropriate personal information about them online.

Counter Culture: Digital Retail

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Economies Go Alternative

Economies go alternative as people think harder about money. New is now old, cashless fits in and more. #13for2013

Prosumer Report: We are living in a world of constant communication, of occupied Wall Street, and unemployed Main Street, and against this backdrop we explore trendsightings and the opportunities that sit on the horizon for brands and causes.

Euro RSCG’s newest study uncovers a pushback against society’s youth obsession and a fear of living “too long.” Read more at:

Our latest global Prosumer report explores the new idea of citizenship and how this role has been redefined in a new world.

This Digital Life, our latest Prosumer Repport. Check out for more information. The white paper reviews our modern life and the astounding extent to which the world has changed in the past couple of decades. The infusion of digital technology, new channels of communication, changes in household composition, the faster pace of living, and the radical transformation of social mores have left many of us feeling unbalanced and unsure of what’s coming next.

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How Brands And Personal Responsibility Are Trumping Politics

How Brands And Personal Responsibility Are Trumping Politics | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation. Infographic by Havas Worldwide featured on FastCo.Exist. Read more about the study at

Prosumer Report: In terms of sheer numbers and economic and cultural impact, millennials are the biggest generation we’ve seen since the baby boomers entered the world following World War II. The first generation to grow up as digital natives, millennials are more connected, more socially active, and more plugged into brands and brand experiences than any other age group. Euro RSCG’s study of millennials offers valuable lessons to marketers looking to connect with this vital demographic.