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  • Christina Voilà

    Black and white photography and watercolor by Alexandra Valenti

  • Lu B

    Alexandra Valenti | rope swing | freedom | rainbow | river | free | colour

  • Ms J Bird

    photographer Alexandra Valenti water color series

  • Brains Rigazzi

    Google Reader (1000+)Los Angeles-based photographer Alexandra Valenti combines her two passions for photography and painting to produce some truly creative works of art. Rather than simply painting portraits or snapping shots of models, Valenti merges the two art forms to create an intriguing landscape filled with personality. She gives her captured world character with vibrant streaks of color and blotted hues of the rainbow.

  • Haley Land

    Leslie Crow by Alexandra Valenti - Rope Swing

  • Gift Shop Brooklyn


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beautiful black and white photography with water colour by Alexandra Valenti

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