Floor tiles

claesson koivisto rune for marrakech design | casa and dandelion tiles

Casa - milk/dove Tile - Collection 2012 - Marrakech Design

Voronoi Modular Floor Tiles

marrakech design | dandelion cement tile (by claesson koivisto rune)

Beau carrelage - cuisine ? - Our new collection of cement tiles, baldosas hidraulicas, cementine, carreaux de ciment.

New Mutina collections designed by Inga Sempè and Patricia Urquiola - On preview at Cersaie 2014

Auvers house - floors herringbone pattern tile to wood gradient

tiles for laundry?

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tile trends

Marrakesh tiles

{Interior} Old factory converted to industrial home in Spello by Paola Navone | Rue du chat-qui-peche | Hexagonal cement floor tiles

Mosaic Del Sur: Morish tile designs

Black tile module - by Pauline Gorelov

White tile module - by Pauline Gorelov

Penrose. One of my favorite things. It tessellates but doesn't have a repeating pattern -- blows my mind. I want it as a bathroom floor or something. These look like cement tiles. I should get on figuring out how to make them.

Hexagon wall tiles.......wonder if you could do shades of purple....

white, tiles