this is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" ideas... bread ties to hold ends of tape


I have been closing my bags all wrong...

Fabulous way to keep cushions on chairs without all those ugly strings from the ties hanging out or ripping off the cushion.

Tired Of Not Knowing What Plug Is What?

making even stitches...what an incredible, easy idea!!!

great idea!

Good idea!

this is sooooo genius!

Tie your shoes.

Seriously? How smart is this? Photocopy the back of the item you want to hang, and then use the copy as the template of where to drill/screw/nail the holes. Clever, clever!!

use a binderclip to hold your kitchen sponge so it dries quickly and doesn't get yucky sitting on the edge of the sink.


Make Any Room Smell Amazing - perfect for the bathroom

a good use for crystal light containers!

More useful household tricks!

Beat the keyring! Use a staple remover to open the ring ... Easy and saves your nails

helpful and handy!

make your own cleaning wipes - genius!