• Laureen Spires

    18 inch inch high fella in the corner. He was created by someone no longer employed at SWANCC. I don't know if he works for wages or volunteers, but I should have gotten his name! :-) So adorable. Sardine cans for feet, drink pack holders for goggles, rivets and washers for eyes. and so clean and shiney!***Research for possible future project.

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Sardine tin art! recycle odd food tins like mini tuna cans or anchovy/sardine tins into mini shadowbox art or ornaments. Here is a Halloween example from

fbcdn-sphotos-b-a... Tim can man with sardine cans for shoes. Cute!!

What a great idea for tins that are pretty but no lids, or no longer useful in other ways...

Tin man.......for some reason many hubby loves this. And the good wife I am must make it for him.

tin can turned art - don't necessarily love this particular design but I love the idea of a windchime

Garden Stake - make with aluminum cans and then add a stake