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  • Colleen O'Hagan

    Olivia Wilde... First girl crush.

  • Jennifer Wiltse

    dark hair pale the cut too. I have a slight obsession with Olivia Wilde

  • Jennifer Wan

    Olivia Wilde - hair style!

  • Hope Basher

    Olivia Wilde, love the hair color

  • Amber Fry

    Olivia Wilde - Long Bangs

  • Sarah Keener

    Olivia Wilde... she is seriously so pretty. Getting my hair cut like this tomorrow.

  • AJ Roscoe

    Olivia Wilde- love her hair makeup

  • Cool Stuff for VIP

    Lucky Underwear For Olivia Wilde - Cool Stuff 4 VIP ___________________________ Olivia Wild starred in Rush 2013, an extraordinary story about people, performance, speed and Formula 1 ___________________________ #celebs #funny #hotcelebrities #luck #oliviawilde #sexywomen #underwear #vipvideos ___________________________ via

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I HAVE to pin this gorgeous photo again - in yet another board. The model is simply stunning, just beautiful. This photo captures so much- I'm transfixed in her beauty. It is mesmerizing. ~I have a straight girl crush on this gal -Mary Frances Hoover Luffman

loving the haircolor (and the shirt)... will bring this to my hair stylist once the weather starts getting warmer

One of these days I'll do something like this after I let my long brown hair grow. Trying new things in life. #new lifestyle #changes #hair

Lyndsy Fonseca - Pictures, Photos & Images - IMDb

Short hair...My length in October. Shortest I have EVER had it. It has almost all grown back already. Hubby wants me to do it again!!!! Hair is FUN, and I LOVE change,so We will see.

What my layers were SUPPOSED to look like...damn low end chain store salon :(

Love the color and cut

Olivia Wilde: Wilde Blue Wonder - Vanity Fair by Norman Jean Roy, December 2010

Olivia Wilde from Kythoni's Olivia Wilde board and moved from Kythoni's Women Are Beautiful board m.12.43 #KyFun

Hi. My name is Amaeilie Jane. (Pronounced ah- may- lie) I am a 3. My talents are dancing, playing the piano, and I have an incredible sense of style. I am a model and my parents say that I need to get a better job, so I signed up for this.