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    Mystic Warrior, Friesian/Appaloosa cross. Go a bit lower down on my pins and see this big boy as a baby, teenager and a stallion!!!

    Gorgeous baby Mystic Warrior, 3/4 Friesian and 1/4 Appy Stallion - What a remarkable looking creature!

    Mystic Warrior - Friesian Appaloosa (He's much lighter now than when he was a colt.)

    leopard friesian - Mystic Warrior >is this the same horse that I have seen photos of when he was young; he was black with white spots then>?

    Friesian Sport Horse, Friesian Cross, Paint, Mystical Photography

    Mystic Warrior, Friesian/Appy cross.

    Friesian/Appaloosa Crossbreed. He’s very striking. This is Mystic Warrior, he was born solid black with tiny white spots!

    Mystic Warrior– Crossing a Friesian horse with an Appaloosa resulted in this looker!

    Friesian/ Appaloosa cross - It's soo cute! And, looks so cool too!

    Friesian/Appaloosa cross - "Mystic Warrior" as a foal and as a stallion. >No matter how many times I see these 2 photos I am totally amazed...!

    The Spanish walk is not really a dressage movement but the Lipizzaners use it and its pretty. ;)