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This is Andrew, who is receiving some extra encouragement from Ms. Joseph to learn logical fallacies.

When the first question on the Thinking Skills exam is a Bus question

"There are 5 minutes left to complete paper 1." Time flies while you're taking the problem solving part of the exam so make sure you answer each question at a steady pace so you can finish all the questions.

This is John Boris, a student who lived in fear of "taking an L" on the Cambridge exams. After hard work, John Boris felt relieved after understanding and solving many problems on the Thinking Skills exam.

In AICE Thinking Skills, our fellow pupils come together in unison for many activities. Joanna Joseph takes pride in group projects, where we better each other through friendship and knowledge. We help each other cognitively advance to our own ideal level.

It is important to get a good night's sleep before taking your Thinking Skills exam. Rest plays a large role in your performance.

.Throughout the school year, Ms. Joseph's 7th period has throughly "roasted" Chief Keef. This is an example of a student who is fed up with his peers. He wishes they would put some respeck on his name.

In Thinking Skills, we have assisted each other in solving problems that our classmates have been unable to solve. We get together and work to find solutions.

Aice Thinking Skills