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    Only in America is a black cat considered bad luck or a bad omen! I really like the cat and the Raven or Crow.



    Crows are often thought of as ugly birds, but this is a beautiful photo of one.




    Crows Ravens: #Raven ~ "See Through Sorrow," by Irondoom Design.

    Dark raven..

    If you don’t already recognize the man, this is Hans Langseth, who grew the longest beard ever recorded at 18 feet 6 inches long. The photo above was taken when he was 66 years old in 1912. Hans lived a pretty normal farming life for the time outside of the fact he had a ginormous beard. He passed away in 1927.

    Roderick MacIver WATERCOLOR

    Raven's of Yore! Inspired by Poe, designed for you. #bibliophile #art

    Newfoundland 7 by Carrie Marill

    Raven's Full moon

    black feather

    And they called her Raven. Not because of her black heart nor her shadowy pests but because of hollow empty flying raven eyes.

    graveyard speak

    Deacon Crow

    The raven Poem - Nevermore - Gothic art print - Edgar Allan Poe - Black bird art - Geekery art - Modern decor - dramatic dark art. $9.99, via Etsy.

    It was a proud old thing that spent its hours carefully preening each of its lice-infested feathers, strutting back and forth to show off the crown of brambles that had been given to it years ago by the fairies. And even if the other crows thought in their deepest of hearts that bramble crowns as a rule are bad fashion sense, none would ever indicate as much, because the king crow was entirely too old to be questioned.