Lauren Conrad

twisted with low bun! Easiest hair do ever for when you are tired of that pony look, or top bun but are in a hurry. Love the color along with this hairdo

20 Amazing Buns for Bad Hair Days

Pretty hair color and style

put a round headband over your head, then pull small pieces of hair, twist and tuck each one under the headband. it's quick, and keeps the hair out of your face!

Braided Chignon.


Braid obsession!

So pretty

To diy: * First backcomb your crown section to give it some height, don't worry if it's messy, that's the look. * Next, take the two front sections of your hair and twist them, and as you do, collect all the hair from each side your head, so you're left with two ponytails. * Finally collect all your hair at the nape of your neck and twist into a bun before securing with bobby pins! * Spray with hairspray to give it some hold!

Love this look


Bohemian Twist

Braid wrapped chignon.

right hairrrrr

Braided updo

simple chignon for short-ish hair.

pretty wavy hair


Prom hair?