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There is no alternative to water... there is however an alternative to Hillary Clinton, the candidate backed by fossil fuels and favors fracking...Vote Bernie Sanders, he won't destroy the planet for a "donation"

People stick their heads in the sand, if oil isn't in their back yard they don't care

Truth be told.... Called Predatory Capitalism....

from Medium

5 Ways to be a Silent Trump Protestor

5 Ways to be a Silent Trump Protestor – Medium

Heidi Heitkamp Traitor to her people. Call her on it. 701-258-4648 @senatorheitkamp

Not the people and not themselves! The rich have these pawns working to help destroy their own water and planet. Wake up! No job is worth destroying your home. Future generations will look to you in shame for not standing up to big oil companies and protecting the most valuable resource on Earth CLEAN WATER

Leonardo DiCaprio. I live in an area that used to have yearly ice fishing. The industry died here years ago because the ice doesn't freeze to the 18in depth needed anymore. We are destroying out planet and need to make MANY changes ASAP.

Does this look like an appropriate response to Native Americans peacefully protesting to protect their water and sacred lands????????????