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We all want to grow up. We’re desperate to get there, to grab all the opportunities we can. . . to live. We’re so busy trying to get out of that nest. . . We don’t think about the fact that it’s going to be cold out there. . . really freakin’ cold. Because growing up sometimes means leaving people behind. And by the time we stand on our own two feet. . . we’re standing there alone. Meredith Grey Grey’s Anatomy – Season 7

Carrie Underwood Lyrics


Oh my gosh, this!! Do you know the memories this list just brought back???

Love Sheldon

I love The Big Bang Theory.


Ross & Rachel ❤

One of my Favorite Romantic Movies ever!

Remember the Titans

George and Izzie

Sweet Home Alabama

♥ / Perks of Being a Wallflower

Audrey, Holly, LulaMay... Breakfast at Tiffanys Quotes- "...We don't belong to each other. We just met up by the river one day..."


gilmore girls - one of the best quotes

Big Bang Theory | Look around!

Big Bang Theory

The Blind Side.

Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls Lessons Learned- My best friend and I learned this well :)

If you like falling, then gymnastics is the sport for you! You get to fall on your face, your ass, your back, your knees, and your pride! -Stick It

♥ Boy Meets World, EW 2013 Reunion Photo