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doktorum örgülerim: BEBEK HIRKALARI

Only a picture was available to pin. But should be easy enough to figure out.

Baby Knitted Vest (flat): From back to front, practically 1 piece. Fronts can be knitted simultaneously if you attach a 2nd yarn ball at the shoulder on the return WS row after binding off the back of the neck. This kind of vest does seem to be popular in Turkish blogs and on the English-speaking web I have seen it called "Turkish Tabard" (a tabard was a sleeveless coat without sides). Here you do seam (or loosely lace) the sides from underarm to waist, but it's kind of an "afterthought" seam.

Puffin Baby - Toddler Hoodie Pattern - Crystal Palace Yarns - free knit Baby pattern

SATILIK - Bebek / Toddler DK Hırka ve Ceket 3 stilleri 16-24 ins - Vintage Örgü Desenleri Bebek 1056- pdf

Bebek yelekleri- Bebekler ve çocuklar için, Gönülden örülenler.

This lacy knit baby dress is so pretty! Inspiration only photo ~~ Örgü bebek elbisesi ve şapkası

SATILIK - Bebek Qk Matine Coat 2 stilleri 3 15 ay -Greenock 777 - Vintage Bebek Örgü Desenleri PDF