Steve Perry, former singer of Journey. In an recent update by him.Has informed his fans, that his lovely girlfriend (pictured here) had passed away in December of 2012,of cancer. He recently had a mole removed from his face.That was reported as Melanoma.Steve said that after a few surgeries,the doctors believe they got it all.

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.Steve Perry...Journey

Ex-Journey frontman Steve Perry recovering from melanoma surgery~~~He is my all time favorite singer! That unforgettable voice and those songs touched my life in so many ways. Prayers and love go out to him, I hope he has a full and speedy recovery. <3 B.C.

Steve Perry

Steve Perry, 2012

Steve Perry of Journey Performs for First Time in 19 Years: Watch! - Us Weekly

STEVE PERRY "Its Just The Rain"

Steve Perry... enjoyed every concert..

The VERY Best! "Journey, LIGHTS" with "Steve Perry" the Best because he was an OPERA Trained Singer!

Journey with Steve Perry...I lost a lot of things to this band

Journey - Open Arms ... I love this live performance !!


Steve Perry/Journey

Steve Perry - Journey

Sheryl Crow.

Journey - Faithfully

♥ Very vintage Steve Perry ♥ {Before he became head singer of the most famous band of my time.... ♥ JOURNEY ♥

Journey - Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Steve Perry and Neil Schon of Journey

Otis Redding - When a man loves a woman