mastiff puppies!!!

i love mastiffs

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Neopolitan Mastiff. I want so bad

A gorgeous mastiff from a breeder in Wisconsin. This is where our next mastiff will come from!

english mastiff

neapolitan mastiff puppies

Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff), Puppy with Cropped Ears

Puppies. Because sometimes a picture of a cute puppy is the only cure.

OMG, that face how sweet, what a photo!! Golden Cocker Spaniel puppy - my first dog for my 9th birthday - had a face just as sweet as this little one! <3 #CockerSpaniel

Neaplitain Mastiff Puppies so cute

english mastiff..i have to have one of these big babies

rottweiler and puppy

This looks like my Tank!

English Mastiff...

Mastiffs Best breed ever!

I need a puppy

English Mastiff Mr. Tibbs.

I need this shirt lol

Puppy love <3