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    Justin Timberlake built Mirimichi. Golf Environment Organization (GEO) Certified. This is a pretty rare achievement; in fact, Mirimichi was one of the first ten golf courses in the world to receive the GEO certification, and it’s the only one in North, South or Central America.

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Sheep used to replace gas-guzzling lawn mowers graze at a truck warehouse at Evry, south of Paris. #green #sustainability #rmogreen

on mushrooms. I started this research because I knew that birds were amazingly peculiar, and fish, and butterflies, and flowers, bugs, and... but slugs and fungus? Think of pollens... Purely adaptation and survival? Hmmm

Dominican University Receives National Ranking for Sustainability

For the first time in the South Korean electronics industry, Samsung introduces eco-friendly packaging method known as ‘compression packaging’. Samsung announced that it will be able to gain a more competitive edge in the global market and save the

NASA before Powerpoint. Life Magazine.

Why are we not funding this here in America????

The incinerator will provide South London Waste Partnership and businesses with a cost-effective alternative to landfill and also bring forward the completion and restoration of the existing landfill into green spaces and wildlife habitats. #green #sustainability #rmogreen

Without bees what will your garden grow? Every year we get more and more people complaining because they are out in the garden with paint brushes pollinating there cucumbers. Stop using pesticides and let the bees do what they do best. Farmer John