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Why do we like this picture so much? I think because it reminds us either of a fond memory of what was or what could be.

I love going on a road trip or a cruise with you. It's so relaxing to have the person I love enjoying life with.

Road tripping with the ones I love would be a huge part of my future play. The play personality here would be the explorer. My mind would be open to trying new things and going new places. I would be photographing every moment. With this, I would have a continuation desire. Once I got on the road and explored new places I wouldn't want to stop. It would be an incredible experience that I'm bound to fall in love with.

falling asleep in the back of the car, his head on your lap | cute #couple in love

love cute couple romance relationship romantic true love holding hands aww

I love this shot! I could use one of my Dad's classic cars for a photo shoot <3

Something I never see are people holding hands or giving a little kiss out in public. I love holding hands a kissing anytime and anywhere

Moments like this would never happen again... but Olivia didn't know how to tell him. Look z swimwear #Swimwear #bikini #holidays #summer #beach #love

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cute engagement photos | this very cute engagement picture .